Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Best Friend - Joyce Choong

Today I met Joyce at Coffee Bean, Auto City after 8 yrs. She is still the same, ppl said ' 岁月催人老' but I didn't see any aging signs on her. She is well-maintained I would say.

Time flies, we knew each other in 1998 , now she is someone's wife n mother and I am someone's wife too. Now what we can share are more than last time, we share about our lifes, hubbies, happiness , sadness and etc.

I would like to wish Joyce always happy and stay healthy. Wish her hubby and daughter live happily as well.

Thanks Joyce for her help to buy me a nice bag from US and her time to have drinks with Nicky and me even she had a tight schedule this trip.

I'll always miss you, Joyce.

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